Hi! We're Swedish BUBS

Swedish BUBS is a 100% vegan candy brand. We’re also a proud member of BUBS Godis ­– a Swedish candy company based in Jönköping. Here, we’ve been making candy since the early 1990s and our motivation has always been playfulness – daring to mix, test and taste our way to candy that creates smiles. To help us, we have a state-of-the-art, climate-smart candy factory that we are very proud of. It allows us to really challenge the candy industry in our own unique way.

The BUBS story

The year is 1992. Somewhere in the area around Huskvarna, a family mortgages their home to start making candy. The family is called Lindström and they have been owners of the company ever since. Why BUBS? The name comes from the initials, Bernt, Ulrik, Birgitta and Stefan. Together, they have been the driving force in making BUBS a well-known and beloved brand.

A sense of taste and shape

BUBS is about creating a playful mix of taste, texture and shape. Much of our candy has double flavors and unexpected shapes that surprise both the eye and the mouth.

State-of-the-art candy

Today, BUBS is a high-tech company and we make our products in one of the Nordic region’s most modern candy factories. We use advanced, automated equipment and are probably the only candy factory in the country using driverless vehicles. Robots do the heavy, monotonous work, while our employees monitor the process closely. The factory operates 24 hours a day and we produce several million kilos of candy each year. Officially, our name is BUBS Godis AB but, as you can see, we call ourselves BUBS. BUBS is certified according to the BRC standard for food safety.